Want the Inside Scoop on the Executive Job Market?

My Career Coaching Program is designed to help leaders navigate the executive job market and to secure their dream job. It shares my insider knowledge from over 20 years of assessing and  interviewing leaders for positions in the world’s largest companies.

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Navigating the Executive Job Market

Career changes can be exciting and empowering.

They can also be unsettling and stressful…

Just the thought of entering the job market may leave you in a cold sweat – even if it’s a planned career move! And it’s especially stressful if it’s an unplanned career move.
Many leaders approach their job search with a scattergun approach – blindly submitting their resume or CV to advertised jobs without considering what they want from this job move.
In a competitive market it gets even worse – everyone starts desperately chasing the same few advertised positions. It’s doesn’t take long to start to feel disheartened with your job search and with each week that goes by your confidence ebbs away a little more…


The great news is that it doesn’t have to be this way! I created this Career Coaching Program to give you the insider scoop and to help you navigate the competitive and often frustrating executive job market.


I’ve spent the last twenty years working as a Business Psychologist. In this time, I’ve led countless executive level selection processes for some of the world’s largest organisations. I’ve interviewed over 1000 leaders, led hundreds of assessment centres and have lost count of how many psychometric assessments I’ve delivered!


I understand what companies are looking for and how they select. And now I want to share this insider knowledge with you so that you can secure your dream executive job.

Ready to find your next executive position?

Then let’s get started…

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Hi, I’m Jenny. I’m a Business Psychologist and Master Coach. I’m on a mission to help leaders excel and thrive in a job they genuinely LOVE!

I created this Career Coaching Program to help you navigate the executive job market and to secure your dream job. This is where I share my insider knowledge from over 20 years of assessing and  interviewing leaders for positions in the world’s largest companies.

Companies I’ve worked with.


The Career Coaching Program

The Career Coaching Program is designed to help Leaders secure a new job. And not just any job – your dream job.

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This coaching program is for leaders who want to make a change in their career and to secure a new executive level role. Whether this change is self-initiated, or you’ve been made redundant – if you’re a leader in the executive job market then you’re in the right place. Read on…
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A series of coaching sessions: We’ll cover a broad spectrum in these 4 coaching sessions. We’ll look at your strengths and your career values – what’s important to you and what motivates you. We’ll also identify your job search goals, formulate your strategy and put together a comprehensive yet sustainable plan to achieve your goals.

An important part of these coaching sessions is to get you into the right mindset to be successful. You’ll overcome the obstacles that are holding you back, including lack of confidence, anxiousness, nerves, limiting beliefs and limiting behaviours.

Hidden job market strategy: I’ll show you how the executive job market really works and introduce you to the ‘hidden job market’. This is where over 90% of executive jobs are found. Most executive job seekers focus on the 10% of jobs that are public and advertised with Executive Recruiters, job boards or on social media. While we’ll certainly cover these, it won’t be the only focus of your job search strategy, and this will immediately put you ahead of 99% of your competition. Sound good?


Executive CV/Resume written by a professional writer: You know that having a well-crafted CV or resume is important but it’s often something leaders get stuck on. Many leaders get this wrong. They either don’t give it enough thought and just update a version they’ve been evolving since graduation or waste far too much time writing, tweaking and honing their CV or resume. Either way, it often misses the mark. So, let’s take CV and resume writing off the table for you and get it done properly.


Speculative cover letter written by a professional writer: The purpose of a cover letter is to actively enhance your application and help you stand out. This is something many leaders get wrong as they just regurgitate their CV or resume. Again, let’s take this off the table and get a professional writer to do it.

LinkedIn profile written by a professional writer: LinkedIn is the number one social media site for hiring professionals. More than 97% of recruiters use LinkedIn to find candidates for their open roles so it’s imperative that you have a well written profile – a poorly written or incomplete profile will simply be passed over, even if you’re the perfect candidate.

How to get the best out of LinkedIn: Having a well written profile is just a starting point – it’s a hygiene factor so that you’re not dismissed at the starting gate. But there is more, much more to using LinkedIn to help you stand out from your competition. I’ll show you how.

Interview preparation: Having done all the work to get in front of a decision maker, this is your time to shine. But whether it’s due to nerves or lack of preparation many leaders don’t do themselves justice when it comes to interviews. Sound familar? Comprehensive interview preparation will give you the competitive edge, significantly improve your chances of getting the job you want, and most importantly, remove the fear and dread often associated with interviews.

How to ace psychometric assessments: It’s fairly standard to include psychometric assessments as part of the selection process nowadays, and it’s something that I find many leaders dread and put off until 10pm the night before the deadline. This coaching program will help you prepare for psychometric assessments and includes access to one of the world’s largest and most up-to-date suite of practice tests and success guides.

Handling the offer & negotiation stage: Everything has been building up to this point. The company chooses you and offers you the job. Offers are like buses and often several come at once, so handling the offer stage in a professional manner is key whether you decide to take the job or not. And if this job is the one you want, you need to ensure that you negotiate the right package.


Homework: There will also be some homework in between coaching sessions. The homework typically involves some reading, self-reflection and journaling, and your job search activities of course. This is important as it will help you fast track your positive changes and growth.



How it works

1 Hour Call

We have an initial call (via Zoom) to understand your current situation. We’ll also discuss what to expect from your coaching program and agree your initial ‘homework’.

4 x 90 Minute Coaching Sessions

We typically do two coaching sessions in month one, one session in month two and one session in month three (via Zoom).

We cover the full breath of your job search in these coaching sessions, including your career values and strengths, job search goals, strategy, planning, social media, networking, interview preparation and managing the offer process. We also focus on getting your mindset right and overcoming any obstacles that are holding you back.


At the end of each coaching session we’ll agree homework for you to do before our next coaching session. You complete your agreed assignments and send them to me prior to each of your coaching sessions.

CV/Resume, Cover Letter and LinkedIn Profile Creation

One of my professional writing team will be in contact to gather some information and then will write your documents for you.

Psychometric test preparation

You’ll be given access to one of the world’s largest and most up-to-date suite of psychometric practice tests and success guides. You can access this anytime 24/7 for a period of three months.


The Career Coaching Program takes three months to complete.

Once you complete The Career Coaching Program, you’ll be light years ahead of your competition in the executive job search market.

You’ll understand how to properly leverage the ‘hidden’ job market, have clear goals and job search strategy, a well-considered plan and know how to get in front of decision makers. Equipped with a professionally written CV or resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile and sound interviewing skills you’ll be fully ready to go to market.

Most importantly though, you’ll have the inner confidence, self-belief and motivation to own your own job search and to go out and get that dream job.

Are you ready to get started? I only take a limited number of coaching clients at any one time, so don’t delay. Apply now by clicking the button below and complete the simple form.

Why work with me?

There are many Coaches out there and it can be tricky to decide who’s the right one for you. Here’s what makes me a bit different.

Track Record

I have over 20 years experience working with senior leaders across the globe.

I am Highly Qualified

I’m a Chartered Business Psychologist registered with the British Psychological Society. I’m also a Certified Master Coach.

I Get Results

I have worked with people who have transformed both their capability as a leader and their personal life.

Structure & Flexibility

The Amelior Partners Leadership Blueprint guides the ‘what’ while the ‘how’ is bespoke and tailored to you.

I Understand

I’ve been there. I understand the challenges of juggling a career with a family and busy home life.

I Care

I genuinely want to see every one of my clients excel and thrive as a leader.

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