It’s time to finally become the exceptional leader you’re capable of being.

I’ll help you overcome the frustrations that are keeping you stuck and holding you back from a stellar leadership career you can be proud of.


You don’t need greater competence or capability as a leader. You’ve got bucketloads of that already.

What you need is more CONFIDENCE.

Genuine, authentic confidence is the secret sauce to success as a leader. And the evidence suggests it’s more important to success than competence*.

*Yes, I know this might be shocking news for those of us who’ve spent our entire career striving towards competence …

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Here’s the thing:

Many leaders struggle to be effective at the most senior levels, even if you’re smart, motivated and have been successful previously.

You get held back by unhelpful beliefs, behaviours and habits that keep you stuck. You unwittingly get in your own way.

You aren’t used to failing though, so you double down on the strengths that got you where you are today.

Perfectionism, overdelivering and a desire to please kick into over-drive. And then you overthink things, are reluctant to speak up in meetings or hesitate at critical moments when negotiating or making decisions.

Sound familiar?

How it plays out is different for everyone.

But the common thread is an over focus on ‘competence’.

You’re worried about getting it wrong. Making mistakes. Being revealed to be incapable or incompetent.

But your efforts don’t work because you’re focusing on the wrong thing. You don’t need to demonstrate greater competence. You need to demonstrate greater confidence.

Now, I don’t mean that icky ‘fake it until you make it’ obnoxious type of confidence. I’m talking about genuine and authentic confidencethe trust you’ll be effective at what you choose to do.

This authentic confidence is the secret sauce for success as a leader, because it impacts how you show up, how you engage with others and critically, how you’re perceived. Unfortunately such authentic confidence is in short supply. It doesn’t come naturally to so many of us.

Even leaders who appear capable and successful on the outside can hide low confidence. You still doubt your value and secretly question if you deserved that recent promotion or if you really are the best choice to lead that high profile project.

And it tends to get worse the more senior you get, not better.

I don’t want you to fall into this trap.

And If this is you, don’t worry – you’re in the right place.

That’s why I developed ‘The Confident Leader Blueprint’. It’s my framework to move any leader from ‘stuck’ to ‘exceptional’ in 3 simple steps.

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If you want to:

Overcome Limiting Beliefs, Behaviours and Habits

This is what’s keeping you stuck.

So let’s identify and address what’s really holding you back, rather than just putting a band-aid plaster on it.


Realize Your Aspirations

You’ll get clarity on where you’re going and what you need to do to get there.

Without a game plan you’re working blind, so let’s make sure your glasses are squeaky clean.


Lead With Authenticity

You don’t need to pretend to be someone you’re not to be an exceptional leader.

You’ll learn to embrace your personal style, strengths and shortcomings in order to thrive in both your career and in life.


Here’s my 3-step system:

The Confident Leader Blueprint

This is my framework to move any leader from ‘stuck’ to ‘exceptional’ in 3 simple steps.

Exceptional Leader Blueprint



Start with the Direction




Take an Audit

Exceptional Leader Blueprint ii
Exceptional Leader Blueprint iii



Execute Your Plan


Perfectionism Quiz

Success Stories

Catherine’s story

After being passed up for promotion I was frustrated and wasn’t sure how to move forward. I hadn’t worked with a coach before and wasn’t sure what to expect but I knew it was time to grasp that nettle if I wanted to get my career back on track. Working with Jenny helped me get clear on what I needed to change. I loved having her in my corner – she’s insightful, challenging and caring all at the same time.


Helen’s story

Jenny’s gift is her ability to normalise the things I was struggling with. I was in a new role at board level and had a bit of impostor syndrome as everyone around me was so seasoned. She helped me get over my stage fright and stop being so hard on myself.


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I'm Jenny Ostick.

As an Organizational Psychologist and Leadership Coach I'm on a mission to make good leaders exceptional leaders.

I've spent the last 20 years working with leaders across the globe and have had the privilege of working with over 1000+ leaders during this time.

I've worked with the likes of Deloitte, Virgin, Nestle and Coca-Cola to name just a few, and this has provided me with a unique insight into the difficulties that leaders face and the real things they struggle with.

My lifework is to help leaders overcome the unhelpful beliefs, behaviours and habits that are holding you back, so you can become the exceptional leader you're capable of being.

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Why Work With Me?

There are many coaches, consultants and trainers out there and it can be tricky to decide who's the right one for you.

Here's what makes me a bit different:

Track Record

I have over 20 years experience working with leaders across the globe. I've had the privilege of working with over 1000+ leaders during this time.

I am Highly Qualified

I’m a Chartered Organizational Psychologist registered with the British Psychological Society. I’m also a Certified Master Coach. I was trained by the worlds #1 Coach*

Evidenced Based

I seek out evidence based approaches - the coaching methodologies, tools and techniques I use are underpinned by research and data.

Structure & Flexibility

The Confident Leader Blueprint provides rigour to ‘what’ we cover in development while the ‘how’ is bespoke and tailored to you and your specific needs.



I walk the talk. What I share with you is a blend of my personal experiences and professional expertise - the lessons I pass on are forged in the real world.

I Care

I genuinely want to see every one of my clients excel and thrive as a leader. Your success is my success, and I'll support and challenge you until we get there!

* Marshall Goldsmith has been recognized for over a decade by Thinkers50, Fast Company, INC Magazine, Global Gurus as the World’s Leading Executive Coach. He is the only Thinkers50 two-time winner as the World’s Most Influential Leadership Thinker.

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11 Mistakes to Watch Out For

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